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How You Can Help Make a Difference

The Life Without Limitations Foundations are dedicated to giving people a chance at a better life through education and employment.

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By purchasing, you are providing jobs and humanitarian aid; giving people the chance to think about more than today, but also next week and month...
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Gifts of Love

Our Beading Workshop gives those struggling the chance to learn new skills and to be paid for it. It gives free materials to those that work onsit..
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Humanitarian Projects

Help us to make a difference through education schloarships, pop-up soup kitchens and feminine Hygiene products...
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Are you looking for more in your life? Do you want to control your future while helping others? Do you want to earn up to 50% of what you sell?..
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Latest News

Feeding the Hungry vs. Ending Poverty

Posted 16 Jul 2015

Let us start with a little exercise.  I want you to imagine yourself in the lowest of areas in a small Zimbabwean town.  Are you going to be hungry? Are you going to have a problem finding food?  The obvious answer is no; you would just go buy yourself something to eat. Most of you reading this are lucky enough to come from a country where there is the ability to get some sort of food even if you have no money.    read on...

Period Of Shame

Posted 09 Jul 2015

As sad as it may seem, menstruation and the hygiene surrounding it remains a strongly taboo subject in Zimbabwe but is a major public concern that needs to be addressed.  The secrecy surrounding it shows the degradation and dehumanization of women but also the true levels of poverty as many are unable to afford sanitary wear.

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Grinding Poverty Stalks Zimbabwe

Posted 02 Jul 2015

Masvingo-based human rights activist Peter Marimi says the extent of poverty is likely to worsen this year due to poor rains.  “There has not been enough rainfall in many areas and for some farmers the crops are a write off,” says Marimi.“When there is a bad harvest, people rely on the little surplus, if any, of what they harvested last year, but that obviously won’t take them very far.    read on...

Energy Poverty - A National Challenge in Zimbabwe

Posted 26 Jun 2015

Worldwide, energy access has become a key determinant in improving people’s lives, mainly in rural communities where basic needs are met with difficulty.  In Zimbabwe, access to modern energy is very low, casting doubts on the country’s efforts at sustainable development,   read on...

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